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I made this account in 2006.

At the time I was still young and fresh and full of pep. But I was a big dork, and I deleted all those journals from my weebie days. :iconthisisntagameplz:

I didn't do much on this account for a few years because right when I made it I started dating someone, and playing Ragnarok Online. So I was p much afk until 2008.
The pathway by RyuuLenfour winged incubus by RyuuLenRyuji by RyuuLenToshihiro, another incubus xD by RyuuLen

2008 I started to draw a bit more and post it here. During those days, Oekaki was still popular and that's where I kept my art. Eevzy Place Oekaki was where I had met some of my closest and oldest friends.  :iconbananamantis: :iconmichihari: Ratioasu

 Kakkoii marker study by RyuuLenwhy should i love by RyuuLenbuwahh owo by RyuuLenHello Mr Hacker by RyuuLenhehahaehahah by RyuuLen
Up until 2010. During that year I was very active and posting illustration of hot elven magical dudes coz ye. :iconlazeplz:
During that time I was also preparing for my transfer to SCAD, so I was building a portfolio of art work in community college.

Pages of a Decade by RyuuLenThe end of fall by RyuuLenKinds of Love Cover by RyuuLenPg 1-Walk through the clouds by RyuuLenPg 3- ...... by RyuuLenPg 2-Winter Rain by RyuuLen

Then awesome, I was accepted to SCAD. :iconepicboogieplz:
2011 I focused mostly on doing comics, and assignments, so whenever I had the chance I posted them online. I tried to stay active like I was the previous yer, but it was kind of not happening as much.
Getting into the Sequential art department at SCAD was seriously the best time I've ever had. I learned so much and it was just incredible.

asym by RyuuLen.Ru. Page 1 by RyuuLenStray Page 1 by RyuuLenKane page 2 by RyuuLenINK by RyuuLen
(The last comic page is where Kane came from. He is/was a character for separate stories in a comic I was going to do.)

So then came 2012 :iconyouknowitplz:

OW: Howell Prevot by RyuuLenChaotic by RyuuLenAshes- 25 Year old Howell by RyuuLenit doesn't hurt anymore by RyuuLenafter a shower by RyuuLenHowell Prevot (Year 2) by RyuuLen

There I joined Otherworlde with Howell Prevot, which I think I found from clicking on some commissioned art for the group. Then I was like oh this seems like my kinda thing. I think I can get into this.
I debted if I should do it, because I wasn't sure if I had time, but it was going to open in the summer and I'm like hey I usually don't do anything. Why not :iconsexylazeplz:

There I met a bunch of rad people. I also found myself there and discovered things about myself that made me happier. It was because of those lovely wonderful people that I found confidence in myself as a guy :iconlazymachoplz:

Through OW I met  one of my best friends :iconebulliently-askew:. She's a beautiful, and gifted artist that I am happy to have met. :heart:
Also I meet these awesome people: :iconeeveelyne: (MIA) :icontheclassyfish: :icongamzie: :iconkonrei-sama: :iconelirem: :iconelisara555: :iconthethreeravens: :iconohme-notreally: :iconispod4: :iconleaglem: :iconevilvampireducky: :iconink-cap: :iconfeather-dragon: :iconelleybug: :iconkimidoll: and many others. Sorry I can't remember everyone at the moment :iconpapcryplz:

I stayed there for a few months. It was so fun~ I use to RP a lot more with just individual stories, but it was nice to be apart of a big group.

End of 2012 to 2013, I focused mostly on school work, and preparing for comics. I had a few ideas for comics, but for some reason I couldn't start them. Like I had the characters, but not a profound story that meant something to me. I tried hard with a few ideas, but then I dreamt of this guy.the mind keeper by RyuuLen This is where I began my story with Mind Keeper. I floated with the idea here and there, writing the story and preparing for my senior SEQA classes. And yeah During 2013 I was playing more with a painterly style which I quite enjoy.
i'm here to love you by RyuuLenAshes: you're looking cute today by RyuuLenthe body guard by RyuuLenexistence by RyuuLen

So then, through mid summer Ebu showed me Palette City. I was like "eh maybe" because I knew I'd be busy with my senior year in SCAD, but what the hell I joined it :iconlaze3plz:

There I met my best bro and no homo friend, :iconcodename70h: . Guys this guy is hella rad and he is like oozing with amazing artistic talent. I'm like incredibly lucky to have a guy like this as my best friend. I love him, and Ebu. :iconholdfeelsplz:

I also met :iconwoestijn: the magnificent pussy wagon. Like I don't know where to start. She's one of those people you meet once in a life time. You know, the type of people who not only inspire you, but you know they will have your back until the end. She's fabulous,  confident, and glamorous. She's my true friend, an incredible artist, and I love her so much.

I met a few other qts and lovely people in Palette city too. :iconrachiedian: :iconhissync: :iconkat323: :icontumbley:

Then winter and spring quarter came around. I was both inactive and dead. I produced a lot of comic pages for Viz 2, and came up with a developed story that I felt passionate about.

Snk cover Page Tight Pencils by RyuuLenMind Keeper Preview-Page 1 by RyuuLenMind Keeper Preview-Page 2 by RyuuLenMind Keeper Preview-Page 3 by RyuuLenMind Keeper Preview- Page 4 by RyuuLen

Through the end of my senior year, I was contacted for some work for a small game board company.

Together by RyuuLen

And now I am finalizing my website of Mind keeper I had created for senior project, and preparing the comic to be published online.
Hello I am the Mind Keeper by RyuuLenHi I like cats ty by RyuuLen

I spend most of my time doing that, finding freelance work, and preparing my portfolio after graduation.

And that's my story :iconmysuccessplz:


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United States
Hey my name is Kris or Ryuu. I am a SCAD Alumni with a BFA in Sequential art, and minor in Storyboarding. I tend to stick with digitial art, but I do enjoy traditional medium on occasion.
:iconebulliently-askew: :iconcodename70h: :iconryuulen: :iconwoestijn:
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